Picking A Toy For Your Female Partner

Buying a sex toy for her…think of it as a gift for her AND a gift for you! If you’ve had fantasies of watching your woman pleasure herself but you weren’t sure what the perfect sex toy for her would be, we’ve got ideas!

Have you thought about her having fun with a vibrator or dildo? Have you wanted to surprise her with the gift of a vibrator that you can control via remote? Does the idea of her using a butt plug really turn you on? Sure it does – and yes you have!

We understand that most people are very aware of all the fun little sex toys available out there and they often think about getting their partner a sexy gift, but don’t know how to go about it. What to choose? What would make her happy? No stress! Think about what she likes and what toy you can picture her using. Or think about what you guys may have wanted to try together but haven’t gotten around to yet. Here’s an easy guide for picking out a great toy for the sexy female in your life.Shop Our Full Collection of Vibrators – Click Here!

A Few Tips You Should Know First:


This is a quick tip, but an important one. Before buying any new sex toys you need to make sure you know if your partner has any kind of allergies to certain materials. For example, it’s possible for people to have allergies to latex, jelly, PVC, vinyl and rubber. There’s nothing worse than having an allergic reaction when you’ve only been thinking about relaxing and having fun.

If you don’t know about these allergies and can’t think of any way to casually bring it up without telling her it’s about sex toys, then we highly recommend finding a glass dildo or silicone vibrator as these materials are the most luxurious and least likely to cause an allergic reaction.


Think about what she would want in a toy. What are her likes and dislikes in the bedroom? For example, does she enjoy it when you finger her during sex? Or does she like clitoral stimulation? And let’s face it, what woman doesn’t? Dual stimulation? Does sex hurt her at any time? Does she orgasm easily or does it take some effort? 

These are all very important questions, because the answers will help you to pick out the right toy.

For example, if she enjoys being filled by your fingers then maybe a dildo would be a good option. If she orgasms from clitoral stimulation, then buy a clit vibe. If you know she may not enjoy a “realistic” looking toy and you know she’d want a pretty, pink silicone vibrator – look for that. If she likes having her nipples pulled on, buy her a nipple toy. Think about what she likes and what she would enjoy based on how she enjoys sex with you.

Buy Her Something To Masturbate With

If you’re looking to buy your partner a new toy, without asking them what they want, buying a simple toy that they can use to masturbate with is an amazing way to go. For most women, clitoral stimulation is required in order to orgasm. This is a toy that she will ALWAYS appreciate. Imagine the fun she could have thanks to your thoughtful gift.

Buy A Toy You Can Use Together

Buying a toy that you can use together as a couple is double the fun! Instead of just thinking of yourself, think of the many ways you could enjoy some toys together. Double the pleasure, double the fun! But if you’re reading this article you already know that.

There are lots of couple’s sex toys that you could buy for her that the two of you could use together. Maybe look into our bondage items. That might sound intense to you but there are some really light items that you could begin with. Or she isn’t into that, buy her a sexy board game the two of you could play.

My ultimate suggestion, though, is to buy a vibrator you can use during sex. A great way to do this if you are having PIV (penis in vagina) sex, is to use a cock ring. This way you can stay nice and hard while your partner also gets clit stimulation from a high-quality cock ring. Couple’s toys are great options for women, especially if this is a first time buy!

Buy Something That Enhances Oral Sex

Don’t roll your eyes! I’m sure you’re just as good at oral as you say you are, but sometimes it can be really fun and sexy to bring in a toy or product that enhances oral sex and takes it to the next level. Buying her something that is specifically focused on giving her more pleasure will be so sexy. She’ll be very happy to have you switch it up.

You can buy a small vibrator to insert while you lick up top, or the other way around. You can buy some flavored lube to make things a bit more sexy. This is something that’s a bonus for you too because you get to try a new flavor.

Buy Something To Tease Her With

If you really want to take control and give her something that is for her pleasure, buy her something that you can tease her with. So, actually this could be a lot of different things. It could mean taking a fuzzy tickler and teasing different parts of her body or it could be putting a blindfold on her while you tease her. What my mind went to immediately though, is buying a sexy pair of vibrating panties for her to put on. You get to keep the remote control, and surprise her with vibrations all night long.