Picking A Toy For Your Male Partner

Chances are, you have never really thought about getting a sexual enhancement product for your partner’s penis. Sure, maybe you have thought about including your own toys in play, or maybe you have thought about getting a blindfold or a restraint for both of you of you to use.

But what about a toy specifically for your lover? If you want to pick up a little sexy something for him, how do you choose? Heck, where do you even begin? Here’s some helpful advice for picking out a toy for him.

What Does Your Lover LOVE?

In order to pick out a toy for him, you need to think like him. This means understanding the way he views sex. Is your partner largely visual – meaning they get aroused more by visual stimuli? If so, the item that you choose should appeal to that side of them, especially if your partner has a preference of body part.

Know That Size Plays a Role

With some items – like masturbators, cock rings, or penis pumps – the size of your partner’s penis DOES matter – a lot. Cock rings, in particular, pose a challenge when fitting because if he is 6 inches or more when erect, then some of the standard penis pumps are not going to fit. There is sizing included on these items for a reason, so just pay attention to that. You don’t want to have your partner experiencing pain because their penis is too large for the item you have purchased.

Buy Something To Stimulate His Prostate

Masturbators are not the only items that are available for people with penises to use – another option is a prostate massager. Prostate massagers go into the anal canal and push on the prostate while you have the option of doing something fun, like giving your partner oral sex or a hand job. Many people find the orgasm that they have when using a prostate massager to be extremely powerful.

However, everyone has different boundaries, and some have a strong opinion about ANYTHING going up their rear end. If this is one of your partner’s limitations, then do not buy a toy they will likely never use and may question why you bought it in the first place. Of course, some people do not voice their boundaries, in which case you may have to speculate about their possible enjoyment of the item.

Recommended Prostate Toy: Dev’s Prostate Stimulator 

When In Doubt, Buy Some Lube

If you’ve read our articles before then you’ve probably heard us say this before, but lubricant is always a good product to bring into the bedroom. Especially if you’re buying a masturbator or a prostate massager, buying a small bottle of lube is a great little side gift because for both of those toys you really do need lube to get the best experience possible.

Similarly, masturbation gels or creams can be a fun thing to use, but if your partner doesn’t like anything cold, then a cooling gel may not work out well. The idea here is to think like your lover while you are shopping.