Cleaning Your Sex Toys

Proper cleaning of your toys will extend the life of your toys! You NEED to clean your toys, and here is how to clean them properly!

Always Remove Your Batteries

Whether you’re cleaning or not, batteries should always be taken out of your vibrator. (This includes you guys with vibrating masturbators too!) When not being used, batteries can corrode over time, and removing the batteries will increase the amount of play time you get from them. Definitely remove them when cleaning, even when you’re cleaning a waterproof toy, and remember to never submerge any electrical toy (like a wand massager) or battery pack (like the base of the Eve’s Rabbit) in water! Only SOME battery packs are waterproof, and even then, it is not necessary to submerge them for cleaning.

Replace Non-Silicone Toys After 4-6 Months

All toy materials (except silicone, glass, and stainless steel) are porous, meaning there are microscopic holes in the material that may accumulate build-up. It is perfectly safe to use your toys with proper cleaning, but the experts at Love Factory always recommend that once you’ve had a non-silicone toy for 4-6 months, they should be replaced. So, just be aware. If you’ve had a pocket pal or bedroom buddy for a while, it’s time to switch things up. Why not upgrade to a silicone vibrator?
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How To Cleanse Your Toys

Okay, you knew I had to say it. These are very intimate products. Though they may look clean enough to toss back into your top drawer, it is important that you clean your toys properly and make sure they dry completely! Once they are clean and dry, store them in a cool, dry space until you are ready to play again!

**Anti-Bacterial Soap and Warm Water

is one of the best methods to use when cleaning any kind of toy type or toy material. You can wash the entire surface (and interior for male masturbators), and it makes textured toy cleaning that much more effective. You can use a damp, soapy washcloth to control how much and where the soapy water travels on your toy, which is great for anything with a non-waterproof battery pack. Only submerge your toys if they are explicitly defined as waterproof/submersible. Our experts at Love Factory recommend an unscented anti-bacterial soap – just read the label to be sure!

** Wipes(Infused with Alcohol)

are a perfect solution for cleansing both your body and your toys. The moist wipes come in a resealable package, and you may use as many as you need to clean your toys with ease. They are formulated to be gentle on the skin but strong enough to help sanitize.

A Few Extra Notes About Materials

If you have a realistic flesh-like toy made of CyberSkin, UR3 (UltraRealistic 3.0), Fanta Flesh, or Futurotic material you will want to cleanse them with one of the above methods, pat them dry, and coat them with a light dusting of cornstarch or cleaner made specifically for cyberskin toys to maintain their soft, lifelike skin. Baby or talcum powder should not be used as a substitute as they can break down the toy material.You may also choose to boil solid silicone toys for 5-10 minutes, or run them through a dishwasher cycle for cleansing. Please do not boil or clean vibrating silicone toys or silicone-blend toys in the dishwasher or they will become damaged!

When In Doubt, Use A Condom

We are always available to answer questions but if you have any doubts about cleaning, or are planning on using toys with a partner, use a condom! You will just want to make sure that you use Latex-compatible lubricants with Latex condoms, toy covers, or latex sex toys. Protective toy covers are great for solo play, but condoms are perfect for intimate adventures, and can be tossed in the trash after use!

We hope that you found this toy cleaning guide helpful, and have learned why and how to clean your toys! If you have any additional questions that you feel weren’t answered here, definitely contact us so we can answer them!