Sex Positions to Try With Toys

Part of introducing sex toys into the bed is figuring out the logistics, such as, which toys or accessories work in certain positions. With so many sex toys available in so many different shapes and sizes, you can include these helpful little bedroom enhancers in almost any position and in every situation. After all, cock rings and anal plugs can effortlessly turn any steamy encounter into something kinkier and more arousing!

Beginner couples who are just starting to adventure into the realm of sex toys together can check out TooTimid’s article on sex positions with toys for some of our helpful tips and tricks. Learn about the best sex positions with toys that you’ve been missing out on today!

Side by Side

Side by side, also called spooning, is a classic position to try with sex toys. This is great for nervous beginners because it is easy, relaxing, and intimate. Partners in this position sit front to back. The “big spoon” at this angle can penetrate their “little spoon” from behind using their cock or strap-on. While one partner gets thrusting, the other can tease and titillate themselves in this sex position with a toy. Better yet, make your partner give you the old reach-around with their own hands or with a toy. The two of you can bask in your closeness as you have slow sex that ends in a big bang.

Side by side is one of the best sex positions with toys because it is great for vaginal and anal penetration and can really help you connect with your partner in a meaningful way that leaves you both emotionally and physically satisfied. For more kinky fun, the big spoon can use a vibrating anal plug. Leave the controls in the hands of your little spoon for even more teasing sensations.

Doggy Style

Doggy style is a hot pick when it comes to sex positions with toys for many reasons. People with cocks enjoy the freedom and ease this position allows them as they thrust. For people with vaginas, this position allows for deeper penetration that’s sure to satisfy. Doggy style is great for BDSM play like bondage and sensory deprivation. The position is simple to get into and most of us are already familiar with it: one partner gets on their hands and knees while the other stands or kneels behind them during penetration.

This sex position with a toy is great for all able-bodied couples interested in anal and vaginal sex. Grab some lube, slip into your favorite harness or cock ring, and prepare for a round of toe-curling sex! Another reason we list doggy style as one of the best sex positions to try with toys? The other person in this can use their favorite bullet vibe or egg for some intimate massaging over their erogenous zones. Double penetration is also an option here if couples want to fulfill their threesome fantasies without bringing someone else into the bedroom.


Woman wearing lingerie and sitting on man’s lap.

Eye contact can make any moment more meaningful or private, and there’s plenty of opportunity for eye contact in the lotus position! Getting into this sex position with a toy might seem uncomfortable or complicated at first, but practice and patience will pay off once you hit sexual nirvana.

Lotus involves two people facing one another as they sit. Person A will have Person B in their lap while Person B wraps their arms and legs around Person A for support. It can feel kind of like an elongated, sexy hug, but that’s what makes it so intimate. This is one of the best sex positions with toys you can try because you have complete access to your partner’s naked skin as you thrust and roll your hips. Person A is in a perfect spot to penetrate their partner and deliver vaginal or anal orgasms, or the two of you can just play with yourselves and each other in this sex position with a toy. Maybe it’s time to make Person A ride a suction-cup dildo as they pleasure Person B with a wand massager. The two of you can even try incorporating a double-ended dildo with some maneuvering!

Cowgirl and Reverse Cowgirl

Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl are two other positions most of us have already heard of. The name comes from the fact that the “cowgirl” in this situation is riding their partner during penetration. That partner will oftentimes lie down, giving their lover easy access to their cock or strap-on, and allow the person who is being penetrated to get onto their lap and slide up and down at the pace of their choosing.

This is a great way to include power dynamics in your sex positions with toys adventure. Make your lover wear a cock ring to heighten their sensitivity and strengthen their erection without cumming too soon. Talk them into trying a vibrating dildo or anal plug for additional stimulation. Every time you pick up the pace and ride them harder, the movement will jostle the toy inside them and leave them begging for sweet release! Better yet, if you’re not on top, use a vibrator on your partner’s clit or cock for a taste of their own teasing medicine! The possibilities are endless, which is why we think any form of cowgirl is one of the best sex positions to try with toys!


This list wouldn’t be complete without us mentioning the beloved classic: 69! This sex position with toys might not seem like it’s good for anything other than just oral sex, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Oral sex is hot and intimate, and when you’re in 69, both of you get to enjoy it at the same time!

69 can be tricky and may require some compromise or additional support from pillows and furniture. One partner lies down while the other props themselves on top face-to-crotch. This gives you complete access to your partner’s intimate bits, and them to yours. Try including flavored creams or sensitivity-enhancing oral gels for a fun and easy twist on oral sex, or bring in a sex toy! This sex position with toys like a finger vibe is great, as are wand massagers! If you need a little extra something or want to try a blended orgasm, you and your lover can also get an additional buzz from a G-spot or prostate massager!