SEX Toys Every Woman NEEDS

There are types of sexual enhancement products that every woman absolutely should have at their disposal. There are so many sex toys available that it may be overwhelming for someone to choose where to start or what is a “must have” as opposed to a “could have” – so let me take some of the guess work out and tell you the “must haves.”


So many women are uninformed about clitoral creams and what they are as well as what they do. There are different types of Clitoral Creams , but the main idea behind them is that they promote the engorgement of the clitoris by helping blood flow there. Most clitoral creams cause a gentle heat on the skin where applied as the engorgement takes effect. The engorgement causes the clitoris to be extremely sensitive to stimulation which, in turn, will help orgasm arrive sooner, and often, more intensely.

Experience powerful pleasure with the clit Moist Her: Clitoral Stimulation Cream ! It offers tingly, stimulating sensations directly to your favorite hotspot. Just a little dab goes a long way! It is available in a variety of delectable flavors and is body-safe for use during oral sex.


I think that sometimes suction cup dildos get a bad rap as an unnecessary toy to have. Some people think that having a standard dildo is enough, and I would disagree. In fact, I would say that you only need a suction cup dildo and not a standard one. Suction Cup Dildos are regular dildos (phallic shaped, solid toys) that can be “stuck” via their suction cup base to a variety of surfaces (mirrors, bathtubs, countertops, floors) and ridden like a real man! Suction cup dildos provide a unique penetration experience because they can be mounted and the woman takes control of the action in a more natural way. This provides a heightened fantasy experience as well. The Rota-Cock Spinning Dildo has a firm suction cup base for kinky, hands-free play during masturbation! It is realistically textured to satisfy your your desires and flexible so you can play in all your favorite positions.

Vibrating Dong


Even if you do not believe that you can have a G-Spot orgasm, G-Spot Toys are so worth having on hand. Firstly, G-Spot stimulation feels A-MA-ZING even if you do not have a full on G-Spot orgasm. Secondly, the most familiar you become with G-Spot stimulation, the more likely you are to experience an orgasm from this stimulation. G-Spot vibrators and wands are especially made to provide a targeted stimulation with a firm touch. They are proven to be the most effective for self G-Spot stimulation. Not to mention that any variety of vibrator is always something good to have in your arsenal. The Super Jelly Tickler Bingo has incredibly stimulation jelly ticklers along the shaft of a rotating AND vibrating gem of a sex toy to enhance stimulation! Experience an incredible G-spot orgasm or try this vibe on your clit!

Gigi 2


Dual action vibrators are definitely a must-have for all women. Dual actions provide the much needed clitoral stimulation while also providing internal stimulation. There are many varieties of Dual Action , but the rabbit style seems to be the most common and popular. The shaft – internal stimulating – portion of the toy provides vibratory action for the inner canal of the vagina, usually with spinning beads or other textures to really caress the insides. The clitoral stimulator on a rabbit is tiny, rapidly vibrating bunny ears which will dance on your clitoris and bring you quickly to orgasm. The combination of these two stimulations is proven to give most women the 1-2 punch needed to bring her to orgasm! This erotic Rabbit Vibrator toy has incredible vibration functions! Mix and match the independent modes and build to an explosive blended orgasm! The realistic head and ribbed, shaft will satisfy your desires for internal stimulation while the rabbit ears delight your clit.

Rotating Rabbit Vibrator


My #1 choice is absolutely, positively a bullet – or mini-vibrator. Bullets have a variety of uses from direct and powerful clitoral stimulation, to nipple stimulation, anal stimulation and use during intercourse. Mini-bullet vibrators are powerful and because they are so small, the vibrations get more powerful. There are a variety of types, and some have more than one vibration level. They are extremely stimulating and because they are small can be placed in between you and your partner during intercourse to provide that much needed clitoral stimulation. Bullets are a fantastic masturbatory choice and I highly suggest that every woman have at least 2-3 different types of bullet vibrators.

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