How to Use a Fleshlight – Step By Step

The “Fleshlight” is one of, if not THE, most popular male masturbation devices available. It is portable and discreet (looks like a flashlight), well made, durable, and the removable liner feels amazingly lifelike when in use. There are even different varieties of “entrances” available – mouth, vaginal, anal – for satisfying your specific urges. The textured inside provides amazing sensation and the adjustable suction characteristic will really make you feel like you are engaging in sex. While you may be excited and very eager to play with your new friend, there are actually a few things that should be done before you play to make your experience top notch.
Step 1. When your Fleshlight arrives the first thing you should do it remove it from the packaging and make sure that there are no cracks or breaks in the external plastic casing. These are pretty sturdy toys, so the chances are pretty low, but for safety it is always good to check.
Step 2. Next, you want to prepare the toy for play. There are only two parts to a Fleshlight – the internal superskin® canal insert and the external “flashlight” casing. You want to remove the internal canal insert and soak it in some warm water. This will remove any dust or particles that may be on the canal as well as warm it up just a bit for you for a more realistic feel. You can make the temperature warmer if you would like the warmth to last a bit into play.
Step 3. Remove the canal insert from water and shake off all the extra water droplets. Water doesn’t saturate the canal insert so it is pretty simple to get it dry. Make sure you shake the water out of the inside of the insert as well.
Step 4. You can experiment with different temperatures if you like. If you enjoyed the warm sensation you can try a hotter water temperature. Or, if you prefer, you can place your Fleshlight into the refrigerator or freezer for cooler play.
Step 5. Put the canal back into the Fleshlight casing, making sure that the penetration opening (vagina, anal, mouth) is at the wide top of the item. This is where your penis will be inserted.
Step 6. It is time to lube up! Lubrication is necessary with this item and will make for a much more realistic feeling. Not using lube will create an unpleasant “drag” and can cause damage to your penis as well as the canal insert. You want to use WATER BASED LUBRICANT only, as a silicone or oil-based lubricant will destroy the internal canal. Lube not only your penis, but also the entrance and a little of the internal canal as well. Use your fingers to lube up the entrance to the toy. Don’t be afraid to use a generous amount, but you do not need to squirt it into the canal itself.
*Note* There are heating and cooling lubricants available for use with the Fleshlight, so you can experiment with the temperature that works best for you.
Recommended Fleshlight Friendly Lube: Fleshlube

Step 7. For penetration you have some differing options. Try out the varying ways to find the one that is most satisfying for you:Standard Penetration: Hold the toy in both hands and line up your penis with the entry orifice. Push into the toy as slowly as you would like. Allow the lubricant to saturate the internal canal. Then, use your hands to pull the toy down on, and off of, your shaft as deeply as feels good to you.

Hands Free Play: If you prefer hands-free play you can experiment with placing your Fleshlight in a variety of places and entering hands-free. For example, between couch cushions, between mattress and box spring, or even stuck into a shoe for a standard missionary feel.
Shower Play: The Fleshlight has available mounting attachments (sold separately) that will attach to a shower wall so that you can experience hands-free shower fun.
Step 8. Experiment with your suction. The end of the toy (non-orifice) has a twist cap. When you twist this cap you get different levels of internal suction. Experiment with the suction that works best for you.
Step 9. After climax you will want to clean and store your toy for future use. Never just leave the toy with your ejaculate inside, as this will get sticky, smelly and harbors bacteria. You simply remove the insert and clean it with warm, soapy water. Then, shake out the extra water and allow to dry before placing it back into the casing for future play. You should also consider investing in the Fleshlight renewal powder that will help keep your new Fleshlight fresh and in the best condition possible for repeated play.