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5 Ways To Reach Multiple Orgasms

Orgasm! Ahhh, there is nothing quite like it! The toe-tingling, sheet grasping, breath-taking phenomenon that, if we are lucky, we can achieve once per sexual session. What if, however, you could reach this pinnacle more than once per session? How about three times? Four? Ten? It is possible to have more than one orgasm per […]

How to Use a Fleshlight – Step By Step

The “Fleshlight” is one of, if not THE, most popular male masturbation devices available. It is portable and discreet (looks like a flashlight), well made, durable, and the removable liner feels amazingly lifelike when in use. There are even different varieties of “entrances” available – mouth, vaginal, anal – for satisfying your specific urges. The […]

How to Use a Vibrator

Ah, the vibrator. Bringing happiness and orgasms to women across the globe. A vibrator is, in essence, a device that vibrates and is used for sexual gratification. Vibrators come in countless varieties from the standard no-frills, one speed, smooth phallic style, to dual actions (internal stimulation and clitoral stimulation), to rabbit vibrators, to even triple […]

How to Introduce Sex Toys to Your Relationship

Bringing up the subject of sex toys isn’t always the easiest thing to do, especially if it’s something you or your partner have never discussed before. But if you’re worried about offending them, or nervous about revealing your own personal kink, don’t worry – we’ve got the top do’s and don’ts from the LoveFactory experts […]

Handy Guide To Buying Your First Sex Toys

When it comes to buying your first sex toy, the sheer amount of different types of sex toys available can be completely bewildering. Nobody wants to part with their hard-earned cash for something which is either unsuitable or of questionable quality. For those new to the pleasures of sex toys, this advice guide will help you buy […]